Jana May Interiors Studio is an innovative, international and fast growing company located in Central London. We are proud to make luxury public and private interiors in a personal and contemporary style. Our team’s priority is a satisfied customer; therefore, we focus on the quality of our projects in every step of the way. Our team of Jana May Interiors employs dynamic, passionated, and talented employees - professional artists. A fun, friendly and energetic team is one of our secrets to our own success. The Jana May interiors team has an individual approach to each client. It is important for us that you feel our passion and our commitment of the work we have done for you. Entrusting us with your project, will be the beginning of a long term business relationship. Furthermore, you will be provided with the best quality of work and excellent results that makes us the right choice for you.

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Residential design

Interior design in a modern luxury style with an individual approach for each client.


Commercial design

Making personal style interiors for restaurants, bars, office space and showrooms.


Landscape design

Upgrade your landscape with an amazing patio, terrace or swimming pool.

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