We specialise in modern luxury interior design and landscape for residential and commercial projects working globally.

Stage 1

Planing solution of the premises

A well-thought-out layout of your house or any other premises is the key to a successful project. At this stage, you will receive several options for the best planning solutions from our architects and designers. We think over everything to the smallest detail to make the space functional and comfortable.

Stage 2

3D interior renderings

Before creating photorealistic renderings, our designers will select the appropriate stylistic solution for you. Based on your wishes, we will select all the interior details, and then add all the components to the 3D visualisation so that you can see your future interior. At this stage, you can make edits and add elements and details that you have long dreamed of.

Design Concept.JPG

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Stage 3

Working documentation

At this stage, we develop drawings to the smallest detail with which builders will later work from. Competent drawings make the job much more efficient to complete.

Stage 4


You will receive a complete list with all furniture, lighting and finishing materials. In the specification, you will find all the necessary information that will be needed when choosing and purchasing the specified elements: the quantity and the name of the products and manufacturers.


Stage 5

Construction site management

In the process of repair, builders have additional questions. We help to solve them during the management of the construction site. We control the purchase and supply of all materials, furniture and lighting fixture, track the deadlines and take over communication with suppliers and builders.

Stage 6

Interior decoration

Details are very important since they bring life to your space and make the interior more comfortable and unique. We will select all the details for your interior including paintings, flowers, photo frames, curtains and much more.

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